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Antonia Longo, 


Dale's class was definitely the most fun I have ever had in a class. It feels really good to just let go and move freely. The class is choreographed to go through the chakras with different moves and music for each chakra. So cool! This class in an excellent way to get some exercise, have fun, express yourself and help to open and strengthen your chakras and body! Dale is a bright and energetic instructor with so much to offer, I highly recommend attending!

Joe D.

 Dale's energy shone through, and with great music, the movement flowed beautifully. Even the haze of the fog was perfect. Can't wait for the next one. 

Clare W-S

Loved this class with Dale. She is such a positive inspiring instructor with a fun touch to her entire program. Always creative with both music choices, movement and she even brings great props to the class for students of all ages to enjoy. Look forward to more. 

Evelyn Borish-Wayson

Program Coordinator

Bass River Industries 

Dale currently teaches three classes a week to the people that we serve, all with varying levels of developmental challenges including physical and cognitive disabilities. Dale is fantastic at engaging and motivating EVERYONE to participate by adapting her program and music for each class. Many of our folks look forward to her class, and her enthusiasm all week!!  Dales “Let Your Yoga Dance” classes are a valuable addition to our programs, and we are glad to have her share her talents and joy with us!

Jennifer G.

Excellent, great energy from Dale, extremely welcoming. I found that she incorporated a nice balance of relaxation, high energy and cool down times throughout the class. I also loved how she encouraged me to get creative with my yoga dancing. I had many questions after class and she was extremely helpful in answering them.

Nancy D.


I loved this gently guided expressive movement experience with Dale. I felt uplifted and alive after the class. The music was fun and varied, Dale's teaching style was supportive and playful, and we all had fun. I will definitely return whenever I can!

Karen J

Dale is a wonderful teacher with so much joy in her heart to share with all of us, and it is such a beautiful location to be outside with nature and to have fun dancing and being right by the water.  Just awesome.

My first class with Dale and the group was absolutely awesome, So much fun!!! Dale brings all her expertise of Yoga Dance to the class, truly makes you want to go to the beat and Dance!!! And I immediately felt part of the group, Dale brings so much joy and fun to all.  Thank you Dale, looking forward to the next class. Namaste

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